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Please & Thank You

Even if you don't consider yourself traditional, there is nothing dated about a hand written thank you note.  Whether you were invited to vacation at a friend's home or to attend a special dinner, I suggest you mind your manners and let your host know how much you appreciated making the guest list.  While I am usually an advocate of personalized stationery, sometimes I can't resist a cute thank you card!  I tend to stock up on pretty cards when I find one so I'll always be prepared to write a note to my hosts after a fun trip or party. 

lime wedge    peacock    floral thank you    pinstripe thanks    typewriter    lifesaver

Beach Packing List

I can't tell you how many times a day I hear people say, "The worst part about a vacation is having to pack!"  I love planning out my outfits for a trip, but summer trips to the beach don't require much.  Grab your bag, shorts, tanks and swimwear {and check out my essentials list below} and you'll be ready to go.  Don't forget your SPF!

towel    sunglasses    shorts    romper    lip gloss    bracelets    sandals    book

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny...

Looking for something tiny?  I love gold necklaces in all shapes & sizes!  From personalized pendants to long layers, there's always a great gold necklace available to suit your taste.  Add one to your everyday jewelry to add some fun to your summer look!

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