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Designer Spotlight: Joie {peasant-ly comfortable}

Throw out your old t-shirts and pick a few peasant tops by Joie to update your look this month!  These cute flowy blouses are a great way to staying cool in the summer.  Try them with cut-offs, white jeans or mini skirts!

1. Kuna    2. Eniko    3. Keranlene    4. Izzy    5. Ynes    6. Coretta

Shop Dezso!

If you’re looking for unique summer jewelry I suggest taking a look at native-Texan designer Sarah Beltran’s line, Dezso!  Using a mix of gold, silver, diamonds and cotton, Dezso jewelry is a mix of high and low end materials found in nature to create pieces that look like they were picked up on an exotic vacation!  Known for casting everything from sea shells to shark teeth, Beltran’s friendship bracelets put her on the fashion map.  My favorites are the necklaces with hot pink tassel ties!  See her collection online & in Dallas where it is sold at Forty Five Ten.




Simple Steps: A Small Closet

The key to organizing tiny closets is utilizing all of the space you have to work with!  Make the most of your small space with an over the door shoe hanger to get things off of the floor.  Next, get shelf dividers, stackable shelves and even under-shelf baskets if possible to use every bit of the awkward top-of-the-closet area for your shoes, handbags and those random items that will forever clutter your closet.  If you’re still out of space, I suggest using wall hooks like these to hang extra handbags, necklaces, or even belts!