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Black & Gold

With the start of football season it's no wonder that I'm noticing all of the black & gold trends (perfect for watching Saints games, of course!).  Try this classic color combo for a pre-fall look that you can wear in this month's warm weather!

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image from "we heart it"

image from Tumblr

Your Favorite Accessory!

Why stop styling yourself with just your outfit?
If you say you don't use your phone about a hundred times a day then I don't believe you (or understand how you survive).  From working on your mobile to showing friends your photos, your phone is always out and deserves to be showed off in a cute case! 

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Shoe Gilt: The New Metallic

I love how many designers used metallic gold on the runway this season!  If you're feeling inspired by their looks but don't exactly see yourself pulling off a solid gold dress or coat, try including the metallic trend into your wardrobe with a pair of shoes!

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