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Something New

Is anyone else getting the feeling that lately we are seriously lacking something new?  I've found so many great staples this year, but the world of fashion seems to be lacking new looks.  Take a look at these new pieces for some unique inspiration that doesn't already exist in your closet!


  jumpsuit       //       earrings       //       jacket       //       bag       //       wedges

Fashionable Reading

It's no surprise to my friends and family that coffee table books are one of my very favorite gifts.  Doesn't everyone love books, photography and fashion combined into one pretty package that has a way of making your den look more put together? 

Assouline books (great selections here & here) are typically my go-to gifts, but below are some other excellent options!  I'm currently coveting Nicholas Foulkes' Bals, which takes a look at the legendary costume balls of the twentieth  century and the people who created them!