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Gift Guide: Book It

If you're looking for a gift that won't break the bank, let me suggest a good book.  Coffee table, cooking, fashion or otherwise, a nice book is an unassuming present that can still be both pretty and personal.  Add monogrammed stationary for a final touch and voile - you have one person checked off your list!

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Great Gifts

Between birthdays, thank yous & house warming gifts, my to do list seems to always include "find present for ..." somewhere near the top of it!  Candles, coffee table books, great lotions or something new for your home always make nice gifts - why not pick up a few items in a similar color & make a set?


  candle               book               lotion               vases              silk hydrangeas



Fashionable Fox

It's hard not to notice that designers have chosen the fox as the animal of choice this season.   The fox motif is showing up on clothing, accessories & jewelry for men and women alike!  Burberry's fox cufflinks below are probably my favorite item listed below, but Tory Burch's fox fetish (or obsession?) is a close second.
If you're looking for a super trendy ironic sweater (current celebrity favorite), I suggest looking here & here

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