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Shop Dezso!

If you’re looking for unique summer jewelry I suggest taking a look at native-Texan designer Sarah Beltran’s line, Dezso!  Using a mix of gold, silver, diamonds and cotton, Dezso jewelry is a mix of high and low end materials found in nature to create pieces that look like they were picked up on an exotic vacation!  Known for casting everything from sea shells to shark teeth, Beltran’s friendship bracelets put her on the fashion map.  My favorites are the necklaces with hot pink tassel ties!  See her collection online & in Dallas where it is sold at Forty Five Ten.




Panacea Jewelry - Under $35!

Some of you may recognize Panacea as the Target-priced jewelry sold at Cusp, but have you been to the designer's website?  Pages upon pages of bright costume jewelry is something I always enjoy diggging through - but finding a pair of earrings for $12.50 that I'll actually wear is even more exciting!

If finding the diamond in the rough isn't really your thing, trust the Cusp buyers who have undoubtedly found the best pieces Panacea has to offer for their store!


Etsy: Painted Rhinestone Jewelry

Overwhelmed by Etsy?  Let me search for stores!

Etsy has an overwhelming amount of hand painted rhinestone jewelry in neon colors.  While all of these aspiring jewelry designers are talented, I’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 to make your Etsy shopping experience all the more enjoyable.  Click away!

1.  Martsys


3.  JenHoodenpyle