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Gift Guide: Book It

If you're looking for a gift that won't break the bank, let me suggest a good book.  Coffee table, cooking, fashion or otherwise, a nice book is an unassuming present that can still be both pretty and personal.  Add monogrammed stationary for a final touch and voile - you have one person checked off your list!

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Please & Thank You

Even if you don't consider yourself traditional, there is nothing dated about a hand written thank you note.  Whether you were invited to vacation at a friend's home or to attend a special dinner, I suggest you mind your manners and let your host know how much you appreciated making the guest list.  While I am usually an advocate of personalized stationery, sometimes I can't resist a cute thank you card!  I tend to stock up on pretty cards when I find one so I'll always be prepared to write a note to my hosts after a fun trip or party. 

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